INNER WIRING • Readings w/ asemic writing demonstration

POETRY & ART NEWS | Friends, in celebration of the two books coming out in the Fall, I’ve updated my website which now includes samples of the written (text, audio and video) and visual work. My plan is to fill the entire 2018 calendar with readings which include asemic writing demonstrations. If you would like to help me promote the books please feel free to share this post to event organizers you might know. Yes, I’m willing to travel! Thanks again for all the love and support. Yours, Sam

TAKE MY HAND • Writing upwards

STRANGE YET BEAUTIFUL | While I was in the middle of an asemic writing session on Facebook Live, I felt a presence take over my hand to write in an upwards direction on the paper, I went with it. I believe it was my birthfather showing me how to write to my dead. A much needed gift—I suppose. I didn’t know my left hand was my birthfather all this time.

I chose Monk’s song “Last Song,” as the music clip for this video.

De-Canon Library Exhibit Opening Night @ UNA Gallery • Congratulations to @herandthesea@neil.aitken , Mercedes Orozco and Blair Crissman (@unagallerypdx ) for a successful exhibit opening for De-Canon.

I’m honored to have my works featured with Samiya Bashir, Dao Strom, Roland Dahwen Wu, Stacey Tran, and Jonathan Raissi — This exhibit takes the form of a pop-up library that includes 150+ books by POC authors, plus visual-literary artworks in the form of video poems, asemic art, and more.

A series of events accompanies this exhibit throughout August and includes poetry reading (8/5), workshops/presentations (8/12), a film screening (8/16), music+poetry performance (8/19), and closes with a Reading Group hosted by Physical Education on 8/26.

The library collection contains works by writers and artists working in and across the domains of poetry, prose, hybrid literary forms, image-text, visual art, performance, and more. Through this, we wish to push against notions of how literature — which conveys to us perception, language, and cultural (as well as self) definitions — may be transmitted, gathered, contained, released, hidden, revealed, coded, decoded, shared and preserved, in both temporal and fixed ways, especially for communities of color.
Performers/participants include:

Visual/Literary/Poetry Artwork: Samiya Bashir, Sam Roxas-Chua, Dao Strom, Roland Dahwen Wu, Stacey Tran, Jonathan Raissi

Poetry: Neil Aitken, Stephanie Adams-Santos, Christopher Rose, Jake Vermaas

Music+Poetry: Shayla Lawson, Trevino Brings Plenty, Dao Strom, Anna Vo, Tron 444

Other Presenters/Collaborators: Unlearning Podcast, Physical Education, Moved By Words, White Noise Project

Find full calendar for August and more details at:
De-Canon ( is a project facilitated by Portland-based poet Neil Aitken and poet-musician Dao Strom. This project is supported by a 2017 Precipice Fund Grant.